delicious foodcare - enjoy eating.


Delicious foods with taste, aroma & variety that are easy to prepare.


  • A wide range of meals with distinct recipes, tastes and aromas, which stimulates consumers’ appetites and overall sense when presented.

  • Leads to an enhanced eating experience that benefits physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Increases the care provider’s ability to give clients more individual choice, increasing satisfaction ratings and reducing waste.

  • Allows facilities to plan menus well ahead of time to manage diet and reduce the likelihood of flavour fatigue.

    How do I get better nutrition if I live by myself?

  • Pure Food Co. meals are designed for both care facilities and personal in-home consumption.

  • For people living at home alone or in outpatient care, Pure Food Co. meals provide a full range of soft-texture foods with guaranteed consistency and nutritional quality.