Meal Costs/Model

Better for business

The Pure Food Co. product range has been developed to provide an enduring solution for healthcare and aged care businesses. The product range provides a wide variety of proteins, carbs and vegetables in portion format, enabling kitchens to order for specific resident needs and easily prepare meals in house.
The Pure Food Co. range supports an entire month of unique meals in a varied menu, with options for dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and other dietary requirements.
Importantly, all foods are consistently prepared in strict accordance with medical texture and ingredient standards to ensure they comply exactly with medical recommendations. This is a difficult and time consuming challenge for commercial kitchens. The risk of variable moisture, texture or consistency with locally pureed foods creates a constant risk for kitchens and care providers.

Meal costs

All Pure Food co. products are developed as a long term solution to fit within commercial food service budgets. This is an incredibly difficult challenge, requiring tight supply and ingredient cost management while providing only extremely high quality real food products. Pure Food Co. will work with customers and distributors to meet your budget requirements where possible and provide food starting at $3.95 per meal.