Care Providers

Aged and Health Care

The Aged and Health Care industry cares for many people. A small number of which have a highly important need – safe, delicious and nutritious texture modified food. To get it right takes a lot of time, effort and skill. Pure Food makes it effortless to prepare fresh, nourishing and delicious meals in moments.

We don’t just create individual meals - we create entire menus!

We provide everything required for a complete, healthy, safe and easy 28 day menu. Our meals incorporate nutritionally enhanced, separate meal components including proteins, veges, carbs and sauces, in multi-portion pouches.

Or select cost-effective individual meal portions to supplement your menu!

If you already have a menu, simply incorporate Pure Food into your menu, with our cost-effective individual meal portions. Have you ever tried to puree a salad? Maybe its time to try our vegetables, which can be eaten chilled straight from the pouch and taste great.
The benefits to care providers are immense; less time is spent on providing highly enjoyable, safe and nutritious texture modified meals, providing ‘whole-of-house’ efficiency.

Seadrome provides Dementia Care for 45 people – FOOD MATTERS.
The very nature of dementia precludes the residents giving feedback of food preferences, but empty plates say it all. Puree food has always been a problem for us so we were delighted when Pure Food offered us an alternative. They provided us with extensive menus which stimulated the residents appetites. Our staff find pleasure being able to serve this food knowing the residents enjoy it, with the added benefit of the residents weight gain.
Kitchen staff find it a simple procedure – delivered to the kitchen – refrigerated – microwaved - served to the residents.
Overall one of our best decisions. Tina, Manager, Seadrome Home & Hospital

    Home and Disability Care

    Professional carers make an immense contribution in supporting the recovery of those living with a health condition, disability, or injury. On top of the care and support provided by carers, they are often responsible for meal preparation, which can be difficult when the people they care for are on a texture modified diet. We provide easy to prepare texture modified meals for the carer, so they can focus on what is most important; caring for those in need.

    In addition to professional carers, more than 430,000 New Zealanders care for ill, frail, injured or disabled family members and friends, many of whom have difficulty eating and require a texture modified diet. We wanted to make it easier for carers to spend more time caring for their loved ones, and less time preparing meals.


    Health Professionals

    It is estimated that one in three people over the age of 65, as well as a large number of younger people, have difficulty chewing, swallowing or digesting conventional food. This can be a result of many conditions, including stroke, dementia, or head trauma.

    The Pure Food Co has created a range of fresh, easy to prepare, nourishing and delicious texture modified meals to improve the eating experience and eliminate the risk of eating for these people.


    Some causes of eating difficulty (click for more info)
    Dysphagia Alzheimer's/Dementia Head Injuries
    Stroke Motor Neurone Disease Cerebral Palsy


    Multiple Sclerosis Muscular Dystrophy
    Bariatric Surgery Head and Neck Cancer Cleft Palate and Lip


    Dietitians play an important role in the recovery and rehabilitation of someone who has endured an illness or accident, but are particularly important to those who have been prescribed a texture modified diet.

    We have had lots of dietetic input in the development of our meals, and have produced meals that are nutritionally-enhanced to help build health and promote wellness through delicious food.

    All the information that a Dietitian needs is provided – it’s something we are extremely proud of! This can assist in selecting the best foods from the wide range available. Check out the details on the website, or just give us a call.


    Speech Language Therapists

    Speech Language Therapists play an important role in the recovery and rehabilitation of someone who has endured an illness or accident, but are particularly important to those who have been prescribed a texture modified diet.

    The consistency of The Pure Food Co meals is extremely important, and something we have had SLT input on throughout development.

    Pure Food drastically mitigates the risk of choking, aspiration and general anxiety when eating food.