Creating new value for organisations.

Creating new value for organisations.

Kitchen planning is easy when you order Pure Foods. Our meal plans make providing meals that are healthy, delicious and full of variety a breeze. We can supply you with a dietitian recommended menu for the full month or your own preferred selection of foods. Call us to talk about how we can supply to budget, reduce production time and significantly increase the health and happiness of your residents, as well as making life a bit easier for your kitchen crew.



Making it simple.

Nutrition made easy in both single 100g and multi-serve 500g portions. Create your own delicious meal masterpieces, like a lamb and mushroom casserole served with seasonal veggies and Oakhill potatoes...


The value you get from Pure Foods:

  • - Nutritionally-fortified to ensure optimal dietary intakes and support overall reduction in risk of malnutrition.
  • - Meals that help to reduce weight loss and support long-term maintenance of healthy weight.
  • - A complete and varied menu of delicious recipes (beautiful flavours, lovely aromas, vibrant colours).
  • - Naturally fortified meals that are endorsed by experienced clinicians.
  • - Single 100g and multi-serve 500g portions ensuring cost-efficiency, while maximising the meal choice and flexibility you can offer.
  • - Results that produce happier caregivers and families.
  • - Most important of all: Happier, healthier residents.
  • A whole service offer: we don’t just make great food.

    Serving soft foods is labour intensive and requires specialised skills. We do that work for you. 

    The other part of our job is to help make your life easy with planning, delivery and benefit impact assessments.