About Us

Our mission is to help people thrive when they are vulnerable. Quality of life, starts with quality of food.

Our Story

My world changed forever when I watched a family member’s illness make it impossible for him to eat. The emotional impact set off a journey to uncover how other people with such challenges cope.

Our research revealed that too many people were also struggling to enjoy food and therefore get the nutrition they need. In fact, almost a quarter of older people are malnourished, meaning they are more frail, less independent and too often unhappy.

Our mission is to reclaim the true value of food by creating delicious food that will help people thrive when they are at their most vulnerable.

Sam Bridgewater, Co-Founder


Our Food

Our recipes, created by an experienced Chef, have beautiful flavours, delicious aromas and vibrant colours. We source our fresh foods locally - beef from Taupo, broccoli from Hawkes Bay, pumpkin from Gisborne.

We then blend the fresh food with natural, plant-based nutrition, to provide extra bioavailable nutrition. The result is a variety of delicious foods that are full of flavour, packed with nutrition and easy to swallow.

Our customers have not only experienced improved health but also improved quality of life - they deserve the very best & it starts with food!

Maia Royal, Co-Founder

Our Team

Like almost everything in life, creating our delicious and nutritious food is teamwork. We are a bunch of foodies who are passionate about helping people thrive through nutrition. We love coming to work every day knowing that what we do makes a real difference in people's lives. Among us, you find dieticians, food scientists, sales, marketing, operations and distribution experts and, of course, those who work in production.

All of us work hard every day to make sure we deliver outstanding products and service to you and your residents.

Our Founders

The Pure Food Co Founder

The Pure Food Co was founded by Sam Bridgewater and Maia Royal after Sam saw what happened to his stepdad when he had an illness that made it impossible for him to eat normal food.

The emotional impact set Sam off on a journey to discover how other people with these challenges were coping. Research revealed that the eating experience for far too many people was nowhere near okay. So he teamed up with co-founder Maia and together they decided to do something about it. The Pure Food Co was born.

Our Directors

John Penno

John Penno (Chair)

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Maury Leyland

Maury Leyland

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Anatole Masfen

Anatole Masfen

Andrew Barron

Andrew Barron

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