Food for Organisations

An award-winning range of delicious foods, designed to improve the eating experience and deliver healthy outcomes through higher levels of nutrient fortification. Food with a very specific goal; happy, healthy residents.

Clinical Team

It’s impressive what you do with your available resource to meet daily challenges. Finding easy-to-use tools to help residents to a better place - physically, mentally & emotionally - is the opposite of easy.

The clinical and personal cost of malnutrition is seen through an array of nutritionally-preventable issues; pressure injuries, falls risk, erratic behaviour and resident apathy. That’s just the start.

As you may know, clinical indicators can be improved through nutritionally-fortified food. That’s because food by itself is not enough.

If you like,  nutrition as medicine; food fortified with essential nutrients that really satisfies.

If you want to talk about a clinical tool that is plated in the kitchen, and provides enjoyable nutrition, please get in touch. We’ve had proven success in this area, and would be happy to be challenged to find ways to improve what counts to you, your residents, their families and staff.


Clinical Benefits:

  • Fortified, targeted nutrition
  • Uniform, guaranteed texture , every time
  • Supports clinical outcomes

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It’s a real juggling act managing the expectations of your stakeholders. It goes without saying, that, to be the best care provider you can be, you have to be ‘in front of the pack’.

Geriatric malnutrition is a challenge in our industry and the impact is material. Not just on the health and happiness of residents,  but also commercial outcomes such as the cost of care, occupancy and certification.

To combat this challenge, the relationship between clinical and kitchen needs to be powerful, and can be strengthened with the right tools and training.

Food on its own is often not sufficient to prevent the nutritionally-preventable. Natural and appetising foods, fortified with essential nutrients are a powerful tool in maintaining happy and healthy residents.

If you would like to talk about how we can draw on our experience to provide a solution to benefit your stakeholders, and the economics of your business, please give us a call.



Management Benefits:

  • Improve the eating experience and stakeholder outcomes
  • Reduce cost of care, positively impacting commercial outcomes
  • Happier, healthier residents and content family members

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Kitchen Staff

The pressure is on every day to prep and plate great food for residents, you just need to look at the diet board to see the complexity. And it doesn’t end there.

Older people have complex key nutrient requirements, which are increasingly harder to take onboard. The result? Higher levels of malnutrition which is having clinical and personal impacts on residents.

Whilst the nutrition needed to maintain health & happiness can’t be delivered through food alone, the solution can be provided out of your kitchen with the right technical inputs and a smart partnership.

You have the opportunity to meet the nutrition challenge through delicious, fortified food - enriched with the essential nutrients residents need on a daily basis. Easy-to-serve? You bet, just heat and plate.

If you want to talk about how we have assisted kitchens in meeting the challenge, or set us one, give us a call. We are a team of chefs, food scientists, dietitians and textural experts with foods designed to help you solve this issue.

Kitchen Benefits:

  • Delicious appeal
  • Consistent quality
  • Ease-of-service & time-saving

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