Food for Organisations

It always amazes us how much the healthcare and residential care sector does with so little. Here at The Pure Food Co, we appreciate all the work that you do, and we are here to support you.

We provide a complete and varied menu of fortified foods for hospitals and residential care that increases overall health and happiness of your people and reduces the cost of care.

Endorsed by Dietitians, Pure Food is nutritionally-fortified to optimise nutritional intake and reduces the risk and cost of malnutrition.

Assessed by Speech Language Therapists, Pure Food is compliant with IDDSI texture standards, reducing the risk of choking for those with dysphagia.

Our selection of fortified foods are quality and cost controlled, saving food preparation time and preventing waste.

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If you would like to learn more, send through your details and one of our Dietitians will be in touch to chat about any questions you might have - no strings attached. Or get in touch on 0800 178 733 or