Instructions for preparation

Instructions on preparation

Create a Meal (300g meal = 3 x 100g Portions)

Create your own meal from our selection of delicious individual meat, poultry, fish, vege and carb servings, set out below.

Our Dietitian recommends starting with a protein serving, then add veges (one or two portions) and carbs to build a nutritious and balanced meal.


Start with Protein
Add Veges
Add Carbs
Hickory Pork $3.00 Minted Peas $2.50  Roast Pumpkin $2.50
Golden Chicken $3.00 Glazed Carrots $2.50 Roast Vegetables $2.50
Fish Pie $3.00 Creamy Broccoli $2.50 Potato Gratin $2.50
Roast Lamb $3.00 Roast Beetroot $2.50
Beef Bolognese $3.00    
Lamb Casserole $3.00        


*based on 1 Protein + 1 Vege + 1 Carb


We’ll deliver our meals directly to your door, arriving ready to eat or store in the fridge. Then, simply heat & eat within minutes.

    Order online at, by phone on 0800 1 PURE FOOD (0800 178 733), or on Facebook (





    Choose Your Pure Food

    Build your own meal from our selection of foods or purchase a Weekly Meal Box - simply select this option and we will take care of the rest. The weekly meal box contains 14 meals (42 pouches) and costs $105 delivered free of charge anywhere in New Zealand.

    Order Pure Food Online

    Simply add your Pure Food to your cart and keep shopping. When you are ready, go to the cart at the top-right of the page to proceed to checkout.

    Feel free to call us if you want to order over the phone - 0800 178 733. 



    When will my Pure Food be delivered?

    Your Pure Food will be delivered nationwide (sorry, no RD deliveries at present) within two to four business days. Please keep a look out for the delivery.

    How is my Pure Food delivered?

    Pure Food arrives chilled with the meals or servings set out in your order summary. All food is packaged in special pouches, sealing in the good stuff, and keeping out the bad stuff. In turn, these pouches are carefully placed in our insulated travel bags, packed with ice packs and delivered direct to your door.

    How much does delivery cost?

    Free shipping for orders of $99 or more. The cost of delivery for orders of less than $99 is $6 to Auckland, $12 to rest of the North Island, and $15 to the South Island.



    New Packaging

    Pure Foods are packaged in microwavable pouches that keep the nutrients in, and the bugs out. This ensures that your Pure Food stays fresh, nourishing, delicious and is very easy to eat.

    You can now simply rip or cut the top off, or cut a spout before heating. 

    These special pouches help keep the food fresh, delicious and nutritious.

    Storing in the Fridge

    Our pouches can be kept in the fridge for up to six weeks unopened and three days once opened. All products are marked with a use by date.


    We work hard to ensure a long fridge life for the products and as a result, do not recommend freezing the pouches. This will ensure that your food stays fresh and can be prepared very quickly. 



    How do I heat my Pure Food?

    Your Pure Food can be microwaved, heated in a saucepan or in hot water. To microwave, cut the corner, and microwave for a minute or two.

    How do I serve my Pure Food?

    Pure Food can be served on a plate, in a bowl or eaten from the pouch. The food has a firm texture when heated, so it holds nicely on a plate and be eaten with a fork or a spoon.

    What if I need a smoother texture?

    We know there are lots of Pure Food eaters who need an even smoother texture. Adding 2-5 teaspoons of water to the pouch before or after heating will achieve the desired texture without affecting nutrition or taste.



    How can I reorder my favourite Pure Food?

    Easy, if you have created an account, simply login, select your last order, click on REORDER, and you will be taken to the ORDER page, with all your favourite Pure Food, then just COMPLETE YOUR ORDER!

    If you would like to change your last order, maybe add a protein, vege or carb, just click on RETURN TO STORE at the bottom of the page, and add more Pure Food to your cart.