Our Delicious Menu

Create your own meal from our delicious range of nutritious soft foods. All of our food is fortified with plant protein and packed full of energy. Our dietitian recommendation is a 300g meal - created by selecting a 100g protein, adding 1 or 2 veges, then one of our carbs.

 Download the PDF version of our menu below:



Start with a protein

Beef Bolognese Finely blended classic with tomatoes, onions, garlic and thyme
Roast Lamb Finely blended tender lamb with rosemary and mint
Golden Chicken Finely blended roast chicken with thyme and lemon
Fish Pie Finely blended classic recipe of NZ Hoki in a creamy sauce with a hint of lemon
Hickory Pork Finely blended pork in a delicious smokey hickory sauce
Lamb Casserole Finely blended homestyle recipe with rosemary and mushrooms
Yellow Lentil Curry
This delicious vegetarian dish contains a fine blend of mild lentil curry with kumara and turmeric

Add one or two veges

Glazed Carrots Finely blended honey glazed carrots with thyme
Minted Peas Garden peas with a touch of mint
Braised Cabbage Purple braised cabbage with a hint of balsamic
Creamy Broccoli Finely blended with a hint of lemon in a creamy bechamel sauce
Cauliflower Gratin

Finely blended in a creamy bechamel sauce

Complete the meal with some carbs

Potato Gratin Finely blended creamy potato with cheese and garlic
Roast Pumpkin Finely blended pumpkin with a hint of cinnamon
Roast Vegetables Finely blended root medley caramelised with rosemary and balsamic
Tangy White Bean Finely blended in rich greek style mediterranean sauce