Hydration Training

Welcome to the FoodCare Hydration Training. In this Training module, you will learn everything you need to know about hydration including why it is so important, especially for older people, how you can make sure the people in your care stay hydrated and healthy, how to identify signs of dehydration and what to do about it and much more.

To get started, enter your details in the form below and click 'Next' at the bottom of the form. As you work through the training, you can always use the 'Back' button at the bottom of the form to return to the previous page. This is particularly helpful if you are unsure about answers to the questions and want to watch the video again. 

There are a total of 25 questions in this training module. You need to answer at least 20 correctly to pass. 

Get a Certificate

You can earn a certificate for this FoodCare Hydration Training by passing the quiz (score at least 20 points). The confirmation page you will see once you've submitted your responses will tell you how many points you have scored. 

If you have not passed the quiz, you can easily repeat the training session at any time.  

Who Developed this Training

The content for this training module was developed by two of our expert advisors, Dietitian Kaye Dennison and Speech Language Therapist Renee Taylor, with support from our Dietitians Jess Bowden and Nicole Taylor.

FoodCare Training

This training module is part of the FoodCare Training. Learn more here. 


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