Managing at home.


Making nutrition the easy part of managing at home.

Needing a specialist diet for family members can be tough. Preparation, going out, last minute in a day - now you can relax. We make it super easy. Pure Food's individual meals provide everything you need to create a complete, healthy, safe and delicious diet. The perfect balance of proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates.

The Pure Foods plate


All the meals have been developed with dietetic input, to provide variety of foods and nutrition - based on 1/3 proteins, 1/3 carbohydrates and 1/3 vegetables. What makes a healthy plate can be different for different life stages or conditions. If you're unsure, talk to a dietitian or contact us. We can help you work out what your healthy plate needs to contain.

 ALL SOFT FOODS. We recommend Pure Food Co meals as the standard for anyone on a texture modified diet - a wide group of people having eating difficulties, caused by chewing or swallowing problems, mental condition or physical frailty. They are at high risk of not getting adequate nutrition from conventional pureed meals, or having issues due to food texture and taste experience.

MALNUTRITION RISK. Start including soft, protein packed foods in every meal. Many people can eat solid foods, but are at risk of malnutrition through a variety of conditions. Look for weight loss, diminishing appetite or recovery from recent treatment (such as chemotherapy or surgery). Give people the best help to recover quickly and regain healthy condition.

HEALTHY EATING. For older people in general, it is important to get adequate nutrition. Substitute out a less nutritious serving that fills people up without nutrient quality. Instead introduce a delicious carb or vege and get the benefits of great taste and texture while increasing nutrient intake. Alternatively swap out a protein that may be difficult to chew or digest, replacing it with a soft, power packed food such as Golden Chicken, Roast Lamb or Fish Pie.


Keeping it simple

Create your own delicious meal masterpieces. 

Like a Lamb and mushroom casserole served with seasonal potatoes.


  • BBQ Pork with braised purple cabbage and roast pumpkin
  • Fish Pie with a hint of nutmeg and roast vegetable medley
  • Golden Roast Chicken with creamy potato gratin and minted peas
  • Beef Bolognese with rich tomato sauce and creamy broccoli

Lamb Casserole 

Finely blended homestyle recipe with rosemary and mushrooms

Roast Vegetables

Finely blended medley caramelised with rosemary and balsamic

Potato Gratin 

Finely blended creamy potato with cheese and garlic

Tips and tricks

Pure food doesn’t have to be boring - a delicious bowlful is great for a quick meal. But if you want to serve up an interesting selection at the dinner table, now you can.

Because our food has textural integrity, you can shape it. Send us pictures of your creations to FB. We want to see what you’ve served up.