How it Works

The world of soft food has had a huge R&D challenge. Millions of people, for diverse reasons, need food that is safe for easy swallowing, chewing and digestion. Many also need food that is nutritionally dense, so when they can only eat small amounts they get the maximum nutritional benefit. The problem was that traditional modification of food produced a pretty unappetising result. The process compromises texture and flavour, with a colourless end result that means people being served it lose their appetites, refuse meals and end up suffering serious nutritional deficits.

Not any more. After a comprehensive needs assessment with a wide range of NZ consumers, clinicians, carers and people working in aged care and healthcare, the Pure Foods’ team developed the solution. Breakthrough technology and a significant bit of kiwi ‘can do’ attitude solved the problem in style. The Pure Food production process delivers a triumph of taste and texture - nutritious, natural and with all the glorious colour of the food appetisingly intact.

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Why nutritional content matters so much

A study released in 2017 showed that 91% of older people recently admitted to aged care were either malnourished (47%) or at risk of malnutrition (43%) (1). Nutrient requirements increase for older people as their ability to eat reduces dietary intake and ageing reduces the body’s ability to utilise nutrients. This creates a serious challenge for all care providers and enormous distress for family members. The consequences aren’t simply weight-loss. They include a wide range of outcomes: lowered immunity, poor wound healing, greater risk of pressure injuries, as well as a significantly reduced quality of life. So creating a product that has greater nutritional quality without unwanted additives was really key. At present, the all-too-common answer is to rely on supplements, when we believe that a 'food first' approach has massive benefits for sustainable nutrition and general well being. But making something healthy was only the first step – it needed to taste great too.

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The opinions that matter

When we take this innovative product to some pretty tough taste testers, their reactions are awesome. Eyes light up and they have huge smiles on their faces. Food has the ability to bring immense joy to people's lives. Or as our Pure Foodie Nana Pat simply puts it, ""Beeaaautiful. It makes you want to stand up & jump about!"

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The research

The most rewarding aspect has been seeing our Pure Foods menu in action. We work with aged care sites to measure the benefits for those eating our meals.

Aged care study: Previously, less than 38% of all aged care residents on soft texture foods in this location were maintaining their weight. After changing to a programme with Pure Foods, 77% of those people regained weight within weeks and sustained their weight gains beyond 4 months.

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The benefits Pure Food brings to the table

Increases the overall health and happiness of people needing soft texture food.

  • Saves food preparation time & prevents waste.
  • Reduces cost of care.
  • Happier care givers.
  • Guaranteed texture & quality control in the form of natural meals, made from locally sourced ingredients.
  • Naturally nutritionally-fortified to ensure optimal dietary intakes, supports reduction in risk of malnutrition and improved long-term maintenance of healthy weight.
  • A complete and varied menu of appetising recipes - beautiful flavours, delicious aromas, vibrant colours.
  • Single and multi-serve portions ensuring cost-efficiency, whilst maximising meal choice and flexibility.
  • Enthusiastically endorsed by experienced dietitians,nutritionists and clinicians – and our taste testing Pure Foodies.
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Know someone who needs better foodcare?

Whether you are a large institution or family member caring for a loved one, you can contact us at the Pure Food Co. to talk about how we can help you improve someone’s life. Our team are always available to help. Whether it’s for individual orders or larger foodcare consultation.

A selection of our foods are readily available to buy online and have delivered to you.

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