Creamy Broccoli - Puree - 100g

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  1. Add the HOT water, Milk Powder, Butter, Canola Oil & Salt to the kettle and get the kettle going at speed 10 and the kettle heating to 80°C 
  2. Add the Broccoli, as this is minced, once it has all been added go to the next step. 
  3. Add the Citrus Fibre & Pea Protein SLOWLY so that it doesn't form clumps
  4. Then, once the Pea Protein has been added and temp is almost 80°C, add the Endura - Mix until all even throughout the kettle
  5. Once Mix has reached 80°C (just before pasteurisation time starts), add the White Pepper
  6. Pasteurise :)