Fish Pie - Puree - 100g

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  1. Cook the Onions, Salt & Canola Oil until the onions have browned and are sizzling. - Mix on speed 10.
  2. Add HOT water, and then the potatoes and milk powder
  3. Once the potatoes have softened, add the Fish & pepper 
  4. Add the Pea Protein and Citrus Fibre SLOWLY so that it doesn't clump
  5. Add the Endura SLOWLY to the kettle
  6. Once Mix has reached 80°C (just before the beginning of pasteurisation), add the Lemon Juice & Nutmeg.
  7. Pasteurise :)

If there is any FROZEN FISH that has not thawed out sufficiently, then it needs to be chopped up as much as possible and then added to the kettle before the rest of the fish so that it can heat through quickly - especially with the potatoes transferring all the heat to the fish. :)