Hickory Pork - Puree - 100g

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Heat the Kettle and start the mixing at speed 10 - this should help to ensure that the stirrer doesn't stop with all the weight of the ingredients going in.

  1. Cook the Onions, Garlic, Salt & Brown Sugar in Canola Oil- Until the sugar has turned into a paste and the onions have browned. 
  2. Add Vinegar, Worcester Sauce, Tomato Puree, Beef Stock, Paprika, Mustard Powder & Pepper - until a uniform paste has formed
  3. Add Pork Mince - until the pork is nicely mixed in the kettle and turned a white colour
  4. Add the Citrus Fibre & Pea Protein SLOWLY to the kettle so that it doesn't clump
  5. Add the Endura the kettle to stop clumping - Kettle should almost be at 80°C when added
  6. Add the Thyme
  7. Start the Pasteurisation.